Cohort for Subrecipient Monitoring



Universities, Research Institutes, and Medical Centers have developed their own approach to monitoring and creating internal controls around sub-recipient awards. While every University has unique business needs and risk tolerance, there is a great deal of commonality across the required actions and controls for these activities. While resources exist to help standardize the approach, including the Harvard Toolkit, the FDP resources, and the Huron Consulting Group Toolkit, CERA has developed its own set of resources that focus on minimizing administrative burden and thinking creatively about risk tolerance. The recent CERA research grant focuses on post award monitoring, as there are many more resources readily available for subaward issuance and stages prior (e.g. FDP subrecipient determination checklist).  CERA has created a Cohort for Subrecipient Monitoring to collaborate on both the regulatory requirements surrounding sub-recipient monitoring and the CERA developed tools that can be leveraged by members.

Institution Cohort Members

Industry Service Providers


Point Consulting Group

Paul Coleman




Member Institutions

Arizona State University

Sarah Kern

Arkansas Tech University

Greg Crouch

Auburn University

Larry Hankins

Augusta University

Jason Guilbeault

Ball State University

Justin Miller

Blood Research Institute

Marta Conlon

Bloodworks Northwest

Jason Dean

Boston College

Fran Visconti

Boston VA Research Institute

Janet Bowne

Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Myriam Chuquin

California State University San Bernardino

Michael Gillespie
Julie Wessel

California Institute of Technology

Dick Seligman

Campbell University

Victoria Hyman

Carthage College

Katherine Schenk
Vince Ceja

Case Western Reserve

Stephanie Endy

Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Steven Lichtenstein

Chapman University

Allison Ramos

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Shakeeta Nicholson

Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron

Diana L. Dubinsky

Christopher Newport University

Anne Pascucci

Clark Atlanta University

Lisa Wilson

Clarkson University

Tammy Pratt

Cleveland Clinic

Pamela Caulkins

Colby College

Bill Layton

Colorado State University

Dave Schmidt

Cornell University

Jeffrey A Silber

College of Charleston

Julie Renkas

Dartmouth College

Jill Mortali

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Nanette Guzman

Emory University

Josh Rosenberg
Bill Lambert

Ferris State University

April Bigelow

Florida Polytechnic University

Jeanne Viviani

George Mason University

Elaine North

Georgia College & State University

Robin Lewis

Georgia Institute of Technology

Terryl Barnes

Georgia Southern University

Becky Rogers

Georgia State University

Lindsey Hornsby

Georgia Tech University

Sophia Herbert-Peterson

Hawkeye Community College

Constance Grimm

HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology

LaShawn Jackson

Indiana University

Steve Martin

International Computer Science Institute

Jacob Wolkenhauer

International Computer Science Institute

Jacob Wolkenhauer

Jackson Laboratories

Joanne Goodnight

Kent State University

Valerie Henry

Klein Buendel, Inc.

Laura McLaughlin

Lehigh University

Cynthia Kane

MassBay Community College

Feby Sesar

Mayo Clinic

Kevin Roberts

MD Anderson Cancer Center

Govind Narasimhan

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Angelo Chrisomalis

The MetroHealth System

Pete Koch

Mid-State Technical College

Simone Fevola

Middle Tennessee State University

Jeffry Porter

Montana State University

JJackson Rossmith

New York University Langone Health School of Medicine

Tracey Volz

New York University 

Kerri Tricarico

Northeastern University

Doris Schultz

Northern Arizona University

Kerri Byrd

Northwestern University

Alex Tran

Ohio State University

Jeff Kemper

Oklahoma State University

Toni Shaklee

Oregon State University

Sandra Cobb

Partners Healthcare

Andrew Chase

Princeton University

Matt Kotsovolos

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

David Schultz

Rutgers University

Angelo Chrisomalis

Salisbury University

Teri Herberger

San Francisco State University

Fiona Kang

Santa Clara University

Mary-Ellen Fortini

Santa Fe Institute

Elisabeth Johnson

Seattle University

Jenna Isakson

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Susan Morgan

Southern Utah University

Julia Anderson

State University of New York - Buffalo

Michele Jones
Donna Kiley

State University of New York - Research Foundtion

Mark Abbey
Anna Hartz

St. John Fisher College

Julie Wilkens
Maya Temperley

Temple University

Karen D. Mitchell

Tennessee Technological University

Deborah K Gernt

Texas Lutheran University

Sunny Thompson

Texas Tech University

Sarah Cody

The New School

Roy Bourne
Barbara Garii

Towson University

Kevin Smith
Nancy Dufau

Tufts University

Zoya Hamilton
James Walsh

Tulane University

Tanya O'Rourke

University Hospitals

Kumar Mukesh

University of Alabama

Cindy Hope

University of Alabama Birmingham

Kent Keyser
Melinda Cotten

University of Alabama Huntsville

Gloria Greene
Tammy Thornton
LeeAnn Darling

University of Alaska - Fairbanks

Rosemary Madnick

University of Arizona

Paul Sandoval

University of Arkansas

Nick Freyaldenhoven

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Renee Raines

University of California - Davis

Mike LeGrande

University of California - Irvine

Beata Najman

University of Chicago

Christine Sorensen
Mike Ludwig

University of California - San Francisco

MC Gaisbauer

University of Cincinnati

Patrick Clark

University of Connecticut

Michael Glasgow

University of Detroit Mercy

Dominique Gambino
Cate Caldwell

University of Florida

Stephanie Gray

University of Georgia

Shawn Hill

University of Idaho

Debbie Shaver

University of Kentucky

Kim Carter
Jennifer Miles

University of Maryland

Denise Clark

University of Massachusetts

Virginia Maki

University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Deborah Dolan

University of Minnesota

David Hagen
Nicole Pilman

University of Nebraska

Mike Behne

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Linda Vondras-Combs

University of Nevada - Reno

Charlene Hart

University of New Hampshire

Susan Zipkin

University of New Mexico

Jason Galloway

University of Northern Colorado

Cira Mathis

University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Darlene Booker
April Spruill

University of San Diego

Traci Merrill

University of Southern Mississippi

Traci Merrill

University of Texas - Arlington

Jeremy Forsberg

University of Texas - Austin

Jason Richter

University of Texas - Dallas

Rafael Martin
Kelly McKinney

University of Texas - El Paso

Manuela Dokie

University of Texas - HSC - Houston

Victoria Briscoe

University of Texas Medical Branch

Toni D'Agostino

University of Texas - Permian Basin

Sandra Garcia

University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Lilly Trevino

University of Texas - San Antonio

Can Saygin

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Cheryl Anderson

University of Virginia

Urmila Bajaj

University of West Georgia

Charla Campbell

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Tom Marcussen

University of Vermont

Sonya Stern

Valdosta State University

Heidi Cox

Utah State University

Jennifer Jenkins
Darin Mathis

Van Andel Research Institute

Barb Wygant

Virginia Tech

Diana Alexander

Wake Forest University

Kerri Bolow

Washington State University

Kim Small
Dan Nordquist

West Virginia University

Lisa Lively

Yale University

Lisa Mosley

Driving Factors

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Reduction Of Burden Realized

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Cohort Standards

Cohort Tools

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